The Mind Wrench story

🧰 After 40+ years in the Collision Industry, from sweeping the floors of a small body shop at the age of 15 to consulting and advising multi-million-dollar collision centers & MSO groups on improvements in all areas of their business, I noticed a common thread in most shops….

🧠 Mindset, attitude and leadership styles, or more importantly the wrong ones, were the most critical determining factor in sustained success.

👨‍🏫 What is desperately needed, but undeniably missing from the autobody world, was coaching, training and guidance that specifically addresses these “soft skills” … and I knew someone needed to step-up into this space. I have been a servant leader for many years, but I knew this was my mission in life, to serve at a higher level.

🎤 I designed the Mind Wrench Podcast with these factors in mind, what I share every Monday is geared for the Collision Industry, but the theories, learnings, tips & tactics will apply to most any service business.

I hope you find value in what I share with you, if so, please share it with others.

I sincerely hope this fills the gap that has been left void for so many years!

– Rick Selover

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