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What’s in it for you?

This group is dedicated to the continual development & advancement of Collision owners, managers and shop foreman’s mindset and personal growth required for success in today’s ultra-competitive repair facility marketplace.

This is a group for professional members of the Collision Repair Industry, this is NOT a page for Insurance companies or Estimating software providers.

Please feel free to share your unique mindset & attitude hacks for personal growth, successful management tweaks and improving your shop’s performance, with like-minded other Collision professionals….. connect with others and help our community grow!

This is a “no judgement zone” and we are all here to help make each other better. Please be respectful of each other, abuse of other members will result in their removal from the group.

Collision Mastermind founder

Rick Selover’s journey

From my earliest days at 10 years old, putting together model cars & opening the small bottles of Testors paint, it may have been the fumes, but I was hooked!

“Seasoned in overspray”

By the age of 14, I was helping a couple used car guys tape up cars to paint for resale…even sprayed my first complete car (old Sunbeam) with rattle cans. At 15, was pushing a broom, then helping the painter at the first of many bodyshops, where I learned over the course of several years, the “professional” way to prep & paint cars.

Fast-forward 40 plus years, and I’ve painted everything from electrical boxes, boats & utility trucks, to million-dollar race cars, and even a Vietnam-ear F-4 fighter jet that now rests on display at the Yankee Air Force Museum.

The last 28 years or so I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of serving the Collision industry through two of the most recognizable distributors in America, where I have been able to successfully serve hundreds of shops across the Midwest, from the technician level to dealership owners & everywhere in between.

Throughout the years, both as a technician & Sales leader, I have always attended every training event, program and seminar available to me. Always trying to be an active advocate of training, encouraging others that I managed or served to do the same, always surprised by the many that just don’t make the effort? More interesting is the fact that most “leaders” in collision centers, whom have the occasional opportunity to get out of their shops to attend much-needed training and industry seminars, often fail to actually leave the business for the day or two to participate in these group experiences.

“The tide rises all ships”

What I discovered over the years in attending all these learning events, was that that usually the most valuable part of this experience, the real “gold nuggets” was found in the peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge, the tips, tactics and strategies shared at those events.  This is part of why I designed and founded Collision MasterMind, to help fill a void I felt was always present in our industry. I wanted to create a virtual environment where collision leadership could come to learn, share their knowledge, enjoy personal growth and collectively raise the bar in our industry… all on their own time-table and as often as they wish, without having to leave their shop, book travel or miss time away from their families.

So please join our Group and be part of a growing community, where your contributions are not only welcomed and appreciated, but helps rise the tide that raises all ships!


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