About Rick Selover

Rick Selover is a multi-award winning sales leader, Collision Industry consultant and advisor, Certified Knowledge Business Broker, former Refinish instructor, podcast host and motivational coach. Rick is dedicated to sharing his knowledge, mastered skillset and expertise that he has gained throughout his 40+ year career.

Rick found his passion for teaching during his time as a Refinish Instructor at a local community college. He earned top CSI scores from his college students, several of which now have a career in the automotive repair industry.

In his 28 years as a sales leader for two National distributors, this AMI graduate and PPG- Green Belt alumni, has consulted and advised hundreds of collision centers and body shop professionals. Rick has helped them gain improvements in their processes, production capabilities and profitability.

As a Certified Knowledge Business Broker, Rick produces and teaches live and virtual courses, offers one-on-one coaching sessions and hosts his new personal and professional development podcast series, The Mind-Wrench Podcast.

The podcast is designed primarily for those serving in the automotive repair industry, but these simple, yet effective strategies can be utilized by anyone looking to reach their next-level life. The show shares Rick’s practical and personal insights on mindset, self-improvement and leadership for a more successful shop and more enjoyable life. Rick continuously finds additional ways to serve and to help others on their journey to growth and next-level success!

When Rick isn’t busy serving and sharing his knowledge, he enjoys time outside in nature, golfing, traveling to new destinations (anywhere that has palm trees!), reading inspirational and educational books and listening to a variety of music.


Serve and to help you on your journey to growth & next-level success!


provide self-improvement and leadership for a more successful shop and more enjoyable life.

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