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Rick Selover is a multi-award winning sales leader, Collision Industry consultant and advisor, Certified Knowledge Business Broker, former Refinish instructor, podcast host and motivational coach. Rick is dedicated to sharing his knowledge, mastered skillset and expertise that he has gained throughout his 40+ year career.

Rick found his passion for teaching during his time as a Refinish Instructor at a local community college. He earned top CSI scores from his college students, several of which now have a career in the automotive repair industry.

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I recently completed a month of One-on-one Coaching with Rick. Rick helped me set and define a clear set of goals to work on my own self improvement. He made me feel accountable in a a non-pushing way that help me start moving forward. For every road block I thought I had he had a clear and decisive answer to keep my on the strait and forward. Every recommendation he made that I resisted I found in time he was 100% right! Do your self a favor, if your at all interested in some form of self improvement reach out to Rick!


Rick was hands down one of the best speakers we have ever had. He is certainly entertaining keeping the audience engaged the entire time, but more importantly, the content he presents is extremely actionable. I highly recommend Rick to anyone looking for an outside speaker.


It was an absolute pleasure meeting you yesterday, I clearly see why you have been chosen as one the top motivational speakers. I am also pleasantly surprised that you took the time to send a note to me regarding my talk, that means a lot to me, especially coming from you.



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